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"Stars of Walaad Rizk 3" debut first screening in Saudi Arabia with the presence of Advisor Turki Al Al-Sheikh

The General Entertainment Authority of Saudi Arabia (GEA),in partnership with Riyadh Season, held the premiere of the film “Weld El-Rozza 3”, produced with the support of GEA. The conference was attended by the film's cast, including Ahmed Ezz, Amr Youssef, Asser Yassin, Karim Qassem, Sayed Ragab, Ali Sobhi, producer Musa Isa, director Tarek Al-Aryan, and writer Salah El-Jahin. The film is the largest production in Egypt in terms of the level of cinematography, and it was well-received by Saudi and Egyptian artists who attended the premiere. According to the GEA chairman, Turki Al-Alsheikh, the aim is to achieve success through a film that Riyadh Season can benefit from, but the ambitions are far beyond that. The film tells the story of the El-Rozza brothers who resurface in the world of crime and stealing again to save themselves. It stars several guest stars such as world boxer Tyson Fury, as well as celebrities Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Fahmy, and Razan Maghraby. The work is produced by Raw Entertainment, Film Square, G Creations, and Synergy Films, and distributed by Orient Films and Boulevard Studios.