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Sneak Peek of "Sons of Rizk 3" ahead of Release for Eid al-Adha 2024

Promotional photos have been released for the upcoming film "Wlad Rizk 3", starring Ahmed Ezz, Amr Youssef, Asser Yassin, Syed Ragab, and Karim Kassem. The film is due to be released during the upcoming Eid al-Adha season and is written by Salah al-Juhaini and directed by Tarek Alarian. The previous two films in the series were highly successful at the box office. The first film was released in 2015 and grossed 24 million Egyptian pounds, while the second film was released in 2019 and grossed over 100 million, ranking third in terms of revenue in the history of Egyptian cinema after "Kera and El Gen" and "El Fil El Azrak 2". The second film starred Ahmed Ezz, Amr Youssef, Ahmed El-Fishawy, Ahmed Dawood, Karim Kassem, Mohamed Mamdouh, Nesreen Ameen, Nada Moussa, and Syed Ragab, among others. The third film is titled "Wlad Rizk 3 - The Judge" and is produced by RAW Entertainment in cooperation with Synergy Films.