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"Shaker Khazaal's Struggle with Mental Health, Disbelief in Patriotism, Strong Bond with Elissa"

In a recent episode of the program "Yalla Nahki," Palestinian-Canadian writer and activist Shaker Khzouz spoke with host Jumana Bou Eid about his life experiences. Bou Eid praised Khzouz for his optimistic outlook and inspiring message of hope, while also discussing his family background, love of writing, and opinions on national identity. Khzouz revealed that his writing is often inspired by real people, and that he drawns inspiration from his Palestinian heritage and his experiences as a refugee. He also spoke about his struggles with mental health, and how he learned to prioritize self-care. In addition, Khzouz discussed his latest book, the highly acclaimed "Erikaz," which is focused on the human brain and memory. Overall, Bou Eid's interview with Khzouz presented a deep look into the writer's life and thoughts, as well as his hopes for the future.