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Saudi Film Nights kick off in Casablanca and Rabat under the auspices of the Film Authority.

Saudi Arabian film nights have kicked off in Casablanca and Rabat, organised by the Saudi Arabian Film Commission. The event will feature a selection of long and short films, as well as Q&A sessions with the filmmakers, and is scheduled to last until 26 April. A group of Moroccan film critics have been selected to lead the event. Director General of the Saudi Arabian Film Commission, Abdulla Nasser Al-Jaafari said, "Saudi Arabian film nights reflect our commitment to promoting cinematic culture in the Kingdom and highlight the promising potential of Saudi Arabian film in attracting global audiences. This year we are seeking to expand the impact of the event around the world, with the aim of supporting local talent and increasing the status of Saudi Arabian cinema internationally." Over 20 films will be featured in locations including Morocco, Australia, China, India and Mexico.