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Neom hosts global contractor forum and showcases future project plans.

The city of Neom in Saudi Arabia hosted more than 100 companies from all over the world at a forum bringing together the construction industry and focused on highlighting the importance of innovation for construction and contracting. The forum also featured workshops and individual meetings that discussed business opportunities in the field. As Neom enters the next phase of development, the demand for efficiency, precision and high-quality construction is more important than ever. Among the ambitious Neom projects, the 170-kilometre long city The Line will be home to its first residents in 2030. The event provided attendees with a unique opportunity to explore the many opportunities that Neom will offer in the near future and to visit the construction sites where enormous work is ongoing. Construction work is ongoing across the entirety of Neom with an estimated workforce of 140,000 in the field of construction. The participation of companies in this event is expected to increase that number to 200,000 workers by next year.