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Rotana Music Celebrates Eid al-Fitr with Star-Studded Releases.

In celebration of Eid al-Fitr, Rotana Music has released a large number of new songs by various singing stars as confirmation of its artistic leadership. Najwa Karam sang and dedicated her new song "Law Saalu Habibi" to her large audience across the Arab world, with lyrics by Badr Ben Abdulmohsen, music by Talal, and distribution by Fadi Jiji. Talal's melodies were also used by other singers like Arwa in her new song "Man Aab Ibtala" with lyrics by Anwar Almushari, and in "Majnoon" by Fouad Abdulwahed with lyrics by Ali Mas’oud. Saber El Rebai joined the Eid celebrations by presenting the song "Selta Alyk" with lyrics by Ahmed El Malki, music by Rami Gamal, and distribution by Karim Abdelwahab, while Abdel Fatah Greeny presented his new song "Khabt Khabt" with lyrics by Mustafa Hadouta, music by Walid El Atar, and distribution by Ihab Kloubix-Diesel. Haitham Nabil wrote and composed his new song "Mesh Fariqli" himself, which was distributed by Zoom. Walid Saad decided to return to singing by presenting a new song titled "Elly Farq Farq" with lyrics by Amir Chico, music by Ahmed Nasri, and distribution by Mohieb Solyt. Vidu El Malki revealed her new song "Enta Ma Tet'eb" with lyrics by Mansour Al Shadi, music by Ali bin Mohammed, and distribution by Mohamed Almari - Mourad El Ksnaoui, while Sara Salman decided to celebrate the Arab audience with the song "Mimken Tard" with lyrics by Qusai Issa, music by Mahmoud El Gayath. Anaba and Muslim participated in Eid celebrations and presented a duo named "Awlad Mask" with lyrics by Muslim - Hazem X and music by Muslim. Fahd Al-Kubaisi decided to release a musical album on April 16 including 7 different songs, such as "Kul Ma Han" with lyrics by Mohammed Al Shahri, music by Abdullah Almanae, and distribution by Cyrus.