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Mohammed Fouad and Ihab Tawfik express condolences to Helmi Bakr's family.

Mourners continue to pay their respects to the late composer Helmy Bakr at the Hamidiyah Shadhiliyah Mosque. Attendees at the funeral included the Minister of Culture, Niveen al-Kilani, along with musicians, actors, and other members of the entertainment industry. Bakr's son, Hisham Bakr, who had requested that the funeral be delayed until his return from the United States, was also present. Bakr's lawyer, Mortada Mansour, revealed that Hisham intends to file a report regarding the circumstances of his father's death, stating that "there is suspicion that the death was criminal". Mansour also expressed his belief that Bakr's symptoms indicated poisoning but added that further investigation would be necessary. Helmy Bakr passed away at the age of 86 after suffering from an illness.