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Amin Dora talks Emmy Award, new Saudi project, and "Brandos of the East" collaboration with George Khabbaz.

Lebanese director Amin Dora was a guest on the program "Let's Talk" with presenter Jumana Bou Eid, on the LBC TV channel. During his interview, Dora discussed his past and current work as a director and his beliefs about the film industry. He noted that the new generation of actors no longer fear the camera and that digital technology makes it easier for them to express themselves. Dora's portfolio includes the TV shows "Shankaboot", "Without Restraint", and "Bab El Hara". He also won an Emmy award in 2009 for his work on "Shankaboot". Dora believes that the role of artificial intelligence in the future of the film industry is hard to measure and that the human touch will always be essential.