Azaduhi Samuel

Technical information

Azaduhi Samuel was born in 1942. She is from an Armenian Christian family that has lived in Baghdad. She worked as an actress in Baghdad's theaters and is considered one of the...Read more pioneers of Iraqi theater since 1954. Azaduhi is considered one of the most prolific Iraqi actresses, participating in important plays in the history of Iraqi theater. She also was the first girl to join the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad at the time in the Department of Dramatic Arts,l. During her studies at the Institute, Azaduhi participated in several plays, the most prominent of which were Othello and Oedipus Rex. She worked with many Iraqi theater troupses, most notably The Modern Artistic Theater Troupe and presented many theatrical works between 1954 and 1958, such as Lanterns and The Key. She also appeared in several films, including Two Faces in the Picture (1989).