Mahmoud Hemeida

Technical information

Mahmoud Hussein Hemeida earned his bachelor’s degree in commerce in 1981. He is married and has four daughters. Mahmoud’s acting career began with performances on television. He...Read more participated in the series “Harat Al Shurafa” and “Al Wassiyah”. His performance in that last series drew a lot of praise and acclaim for his talents and marked the beginning of his rise as a star. The start of Mahmoud’s cinematic career began with (his performing a leading role alongside Ahmad Zaky) in the film “Al Embrator” (1990). Mahmoud has also founded a production company that has released several films including “Janat Al Shayytan”. Moreover, Mahmoud has also founded an (entertainment) magazine titled “Al Fann Al Sabeaa”. Mahmoud has proved his uniqueness in his ability to embody the characters he is assigned and can be seen in his best form in “Faris Al Madinah” and “Aafarit Al Asfalt”. Inas Al Deghidy (has offered him a role representing a very masculine character) in “Dantella”.