Mahmoud Kamal Hassan

Technical information

An Egyptian lawyer and novelist, born on July 8, 1906 in Zagazig. He obtained his baccalaureate in 1924. He began his writing journey in an institute in Zagazig. In 1923 he...Read more translated Robin Hood’s poems from English, which are the poems that recorded the famous historical story. After obtaining the baccalaureate in 1924, he moved to Cairo and joined the Law School. One of his colleagues in law school was Ahmed Abdul Majeed (the poet ambassador). He published his first collection of short stories, The Rebels, and published his book, The New Theatre. He issued two weekly magazines, The University and Al-Qada’ al-Masry. As for The University (1932-1948), it was a theater for his stories and some of his plays and articles. He named his collection of short stories July 8. The Life of Darkness, which It appeared in 1936, showing that he was celebrating his thirtieth birthday, and it was later turned into a movie. The play “Al-Woush” was performed by Youssef Wehbe and Zainab Sedky and directed by Aziz Eid at the Ramses Theater on the night of December 6, 1926. One of his plays “Fatima” is a drama in four acts. It was represented by Fatima Rushdi Troupe on the night of November 30, 1931 on the Azbakeya Theater and was printed by Al-Sabah newspaper as an appendix to it. He died in 1993.