Madiha Yousri

Technical information

Born Hannouma Habeeb Khaleel and studied fine arts. Took a small role in the film “Rassaassa fel kalb i.e. A bullet in the heart” then played the leading female role in “Ahlaam...Read more al-shabaab i.e. Youth dreams”. Madeeha married the singer Muhammad Ameen and participated with him in “Tahya al-settaat i.e. Long live women”. Then married the musician Muhammad Fawzy and formed a successful acting duet. Then married again to a Sufi who made her quit acting for a number of years and returned back to TV in the series “Hawaanem Garden City i.e. Garden City ladies”. Participated in the film “Al-erhaaby i.e. The terrorist” with Aadel Emaam and Shereen. Her roles among years covered romance, maturity and motherhood.