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Rotana Digital

Rotana Digital

News:Rotana’s website is your gateway to the Arab world, offering users the latest celebrity updates, exclusive interviews, as well as entertainment, lifestyle, and sports news. The content also centers on fashion, beauty, trends, health, technology, tourism, and all things related to the everyday life of an Arab. A daily recap on the latest shows and programs – highlighting Arab and Gulf news, concerns and achievements – can also be found on the site.

VOD (Video Online Demand):A number of films produced by Rotana Studios and other Rotana TV programs are available for you to stream. You can also view trailers of all new film releases produced by Rotana — free of charge.

TV Programs & Catchup:Missed out on your favorite show? You can replay it at your leisure.
Rotana’s website maintains high quality videos of all aired TV programs for a period of 30 days. You can also find behind-the-scenes videos for your entertainment.

Rotana Live HD Channels:Visitors can enjoy watching non-encrypted and diverse Rotana TV HD Channels WITH EPG information, providing users with updated menus on current and upcoming listings.

Social Media:Rotana’s social media pages are filled with daily content covering a range of topics. These include news, informative and engaging content, coverage of live concerts, TV programs, and much more. The key element of the content posted is engagement; involving users and driving them to the website are essential to the growth and sustainability of the brand.