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About Rotana

Who We Are

Rotana is at the forefront of the entertainment industry. We entertain and educate, inform and inspire audiences worldwide through our free-to-air TV channels, radio stations, “music label” company, movie library, regional advertising, and media agency, strong digital and social media presence and Hypermedia, the OOH agency of Rotana Group, specializing in the advertising agency in the GCCs. With the largest movie library in the Arab world, we broadcast Egyptian and Arabic movie premieres, classic and contemporary films, and so much more to a captive audience across the Arab world. We have become a popular household name, and we will continue to move with the times to reach more people, in more places and our TV audience viewing ratings increase steadily every year. On social media in the Arab world, more than 6 billion annual views on YouTube alone and more than 34 billion minutes of watch time.


The Arab filmmaking industry is huge in both productivity and reach – and Rotana Studios plays a leading role in its ongoing development and growth. Rotana Studios is a key producer of Arabic movies. Rotana is the proud owner of the largest Arabic movie library in the world with more than 2000 movies that distribute across the globe. Rotana’s long history in making successful Saudi movies will make it one of the key players in the development in the Saudi Cinema industry.




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Digitalization and Restoration

Egypt has a rich film heritage, dating back to the early 1900s, much of which was in danger of being lost forever. Rotana, the Arab World’s largest entertainment company, has entered into an agreement with the Prasad Corporation to restore Egyptian classic films. An initiative to save Egypt’s classic films began in 2014 and was revived and expanded to restore 1,650 Egyptian films, and brought together the best expertise and the latest technology from around the world in order to preserve them.

Exclusive Encrypted White Labeled TV Channels (IPTV/OTT)

Rotana TV Network, has 4 TV Encrypted White Labeled Channels and more across regions and zones, specializing in all sorts of fields, from Arabic films, social talk shows, general entertainment, comedy, lifestyle, these channels are made in partnership with Telecom’s and IPTV & OTT operators or aggregators.

“White-label” is a model, provided and supported by Rotana to be distributed by a client under their own brand. Rotana will be producing the products and services and their further rebranding and advertising under another brand’s name. This will help the client to increase their loyalty and trust, saving resources and time necessary for new the new solution development and deployment.