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Turki Al Al-Sheikh: "Welda Rizk 3" recouped its costs in just 10 days.

According to an announcement made by Turki Al Sheikh, chairman of the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia, the movie "El-Wad Sayed El-Shaghal" (Sayed the Servant) grossed more than $6 million in a number of Arab countries, in addition to $3 million from Egypt and $2 million from digital sales for six months. Al Sheikh shared the statistics on his Facebook page and said the film's total revenue was $12 million, which exceeded its production cost in just 10 days. The movie is the third installment in the "El-Wad Sayed El-Shaghal" franchise, following the story of action-packed chases and criminal operations of a group of friends who gave up their illegal activities but are forced to reunite for a bigger and more dangerous operation. The movie includes a guest appearance by Karim Abdel Aziz, a prominent Egyptian actor, but is missing two key cast members from the previous films, Ahmed el-Fishawy and Ahmed Dawoud.